"Assessment services treated me like more than a statistic. They understood what I had to say."


The statutes of Kansas and many other states require that a substance abuse evaluation be conducted on individuals that have been charged with a DUI or other substance abuse offenses such as possession of marijuana, transporting an open container of alcohol, minor in possession of alcohol, etc.

Evaluations are conducted by state-certified counselors. The session usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and involves an interview and pencil and paper test. In most cases, urine drug screens are not a part of the assessment. At the conclusion of the session, you are informed about the findings of the counselor and a report is forwarded to your attorney and the court. The recommendations in the report are used by the court to determine the conditions of your diversion or probation. We provide fair, objective, and professional evaluations.

Have you waited till the last moment? That's O.K. Assessment Services can schedule individuals on short notice and will provide quick turnaround reporting. We guarantee the report will be in the hands of your attorney and the court by your court date.

Evaluation fees vary, depending on the offense and the court. To find out the exact cost of an assessment, for your particular situation, call or e-mail Assessment Services.

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